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"We wanted to express our sincere thanks to you for all the difference you have made to Mike over the last two and half years.

After having been bullied in school Mike has always been reluctant to try clubs and activities. Other children are quick to identify his SEN and generally his experience of being in these situations has been a negative one. Consequently he hasn't ever previously committed to anything for such a long duration.

When Mike is with you we have absolute confidence that he is in safe hands and never worry about him. The environment that you create in your sessions is supportive and cooperative, enabling him to concentrate on the music without ever being self-conscious.

Given that Mike has dyspraxia and generally struggles with coordination we are overjoyed wit the incredible progress that he has made in learning guitar, drums, keyboard and didgeridoo with you. We are always impressed with the standard of all the children's accomplishment.

We cannot overstate what a difference it has made to Mike's confidence being good at something perceived to be cool by his peer group. At school, Mike fitted neither into the sporty nor academic category and consequently was very isolated.


Due to the bullying that he was suffering we took him out of school four years ago and doubted that he would ever return. Now Mike is feeling much more confident and self-assured he is going to return to school in September.

Your time and effort have been invaluable in helping him to recover from the damage by his previous experiences. We cannot thank you enough and would strongly recommend your workshops to any other parent, whether or not their child has Special Educational Needs, You really provide a place you belong as well as a great format for learning.

Our very best wishes for your continued success."

Michaela Wilson & Mark Cosham.